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Lesvos is the third largest Greek island and has a long history that goes back more than 3.000 years. It has been the birthplace of famous people, such as the poets Sappho and Alcaeos, Arion the Guitarist, and Pittacus, one of the seven wise men of ancient Greece. A tradition that even continues today and gives the island that distinctive atmosphere which makes it so different from the rest.

Mytilene. the capital of the island

Mytilene is the capital of the island and has a population of 30,000 people. This is about one third of the total population of the island. It is built amphitheatrically around its well preserved Byzantine Castle. Not very far from there, on the north-east side of town, one can find the Hellenistic Theatre with its superb acoustics and capacity of 10,000 people. Further in the suburb of Varia one can visit the Theophilos Museum. Twelve kilometers from Mytilene, near the town of Moria, one can visit the Roman Aqueduct that was built in the second century AD.

The Roman Aqueduct 

In the island's center, not far from Agia Paraskevi, lays the modern town Kalloni.It is famous for its sardines which are caught in the nearby bay called the Gulf of Kalloni. On this gulf one will also find the popular summer resort Skala Kalloni with its beautiful sandy beaches. Also near the center of the island another well known town is Agiassos. This town is famous for its pottery. Going further south again we reach the towns of Plomari and Vatera which have the one of most superb beaches of the island, 10 Km long.

At the western tip of Lesvos, Sigri is a pretty fishing village with a nice little beach and a castle that goes back to the 18th century. Not far from there lies the Petrified Forest, dating back fifteen million years. Finally, not far from Sigri, one will find the town of Eressos. Eressos has been the birth place of Sappho and Theoprastos. Its port, Skala Eressos, is a famous resort with a magnificent beach.

Molivos (or Mithymna) near Petra

From Mytilene, going up north by the east coast, thru a series of beautiful little villages one will arrive in the town of Mantamados, famous for its cheeses and the fine pottery. The next stop will be Skala Sikaminias and the Hot Springs (Thermal Baths) of Eftalou. And then, at the northest point of the island one will find the picturesque village of Mithymna (also known as Molivos), with its mediaeval castle and the traditional architecture. 

Eftalou beach next to the Hot Springs

Only a short distance of 5 Km SW of Molivos the village of Petra can be found WHERE IRENE ROOMS & STUDIOS ARE LOCATED
Petra is a seaside village, spreading over a verdant plain and thanks to its long sandy beach with the crystal clear waters that have been awarded the EU BLUE FLAG has developed into a busy tourist resort, one of the most known and beautiful.

Panoramic views of Petra

Its name, PETRA (stone or rock), comes from the rock which stands like a meteorite in the middle of the village, the site of the Church of Our Lady Glykofilousa. Tradition claims that Petra served as an anchorage for Achilles during the Trojan War. It has 1,150 inhabitants and is  55 kilometers northwest of Mytiline. Anaxos is 3 kilometers west of Petra and is a holiday village with a broad sandy beach whose beauty has attracted tourism to the area. 

The long sandy beach of Petra near IRENE

The interior of Petra is of a special interest. Wandering in its narrow cobble stoned streets, one has the possibility to admire the neoclassical stone houses with their green yards and the amazing iron rails and gates. The famous mansion of Vareltzithenais is a sample of the popular architecture of the nineteenth century and is open to the public.

Anaxos beach

Petra is one of the most known summer resorts of the North Aegean and forms a major attraction to an important number of tourists all year around. Besides, it welcomes religious tourism during August 15 at the grand feast of Virgin Mary.
Together with Anaxos, it boasts an important number of hotels, pansions and appartments. There are also rooms to let in houses and visitors enjoy the service and the innate traditional hospitality of the inhabitants, who are distinguished for their politeness and cultivation.


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